Meteorology at the Millennium, 83

Edited By

  • Robert Pearce, The Royal Meteorological Society, U.K.


Graduate and research climatologists, meteorologists, atmospheric scientists, academic libraries.


Book information

  • Published: October 2001
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-548035-2

Table of Contents

Section I: Weather Prediction at the MillenniumPalmer (Forecasting uncertainty)Thorpe (Extratropical cyclones)Williamson (Numerical errors)Schar (Mountain effects)Peltier (Turbulence)Emanuel (Role of water)Fabry (New observational techniques)Joly (New weather map analysis)Lynch (History of Weather Prediction)Section II: Climate variability and changeShine (Climate uncertainties)Jones (Observations)Hurrell (Climate change and the annual cycle)Mitchell (Anthropogenic v natural changes)Slingo (Role of radiation)Harries (Radiation observations)Section III: The atmosphere and oceansRodwell (Atmosphere-ocean coupled models)Webster (Monsoons and coupled models)Woods (Laminar flow in the oceanic surface layers)Wunsch (Oceanographic observations)Section IV: The Biogeochemical systemLiss (Oceanic and land biota)Cox (The carbon cycle and model verification)Section V: Middle atmosphere and solar physics: Other planets and epochsMcIntyre (Middle atmosphere processes and solar physics)Ingersol (Survey of other planets)Valdes (Understanding past climatic changes)