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Metallic Chains / Chains of Metals

The present book describes a large variety of different types of chain systems (nanowires), including shorter chains that are artificially produced for instance in break-junction experiments, chains synthesized as guests inside the channels of a host crystal, crystalline chain compounds, organic polymers (synthetic metals), and charge-transfer salts, thus covering an unusual wealth of systems. Both experimental and theoretical studies are discussed. Particular emphasis is put on illustrating the special phenomena that occur in such quasi-one-dimensional systems, and how theoretical and experimental efforts have been used in identifying those properties that are specific for truly one-dimensional systems from those of quasi-one-dimensional systems. Moreover, it is shown that metallic chains can be found in a large range of systems, but also that chains of metals not always are metallic.

Lecturers and researchers, Chemists, Physicists and Materials Scientists.

Included in series
Handbook of Metal Physics

Hardbound, 274 Pages

Published: November 2006

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-51380-9


  • Series Preface
    I. Metals and Chains?
    II. Single-Particle Properties
    III. Many-Body Properties
    IV. The Jellium Model
    V. Gold Chains - the Prototype?
    VI. Chains of Other sd Elements
    VII. Chains of sp Elements
    VIII. Chains of s Elements
    IX. Mixed Systems
    X. Crystalline Chain Compounds
    XI. Mixed-Valence MX Chain Compounds and Related Systems
    XII. Synthetic Metals - Conjugated Polymers
    XIII. Charge-Transfer Salts
    XIV. Comcluding Remarks


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