Metaheuristics in Water, Geotechnical and Transport Engineering

Edited by

  • Xin-She Yang, School of Science and Technology, Middlesex University, UK
  • Amir Hossein Gandomi, The University of Akron,USA
  • Siamak Talatahari, University of Tabriz, Iran
  • Amir Hossein Alavi, Iran University of Science and Technology, Iran The Institute of Higher Education of Eqbal Lahoori, Iran

Due to an ever-decreasing supply in raw materials and stringent constraints on conventional energy sources, demand for lightweight, efficient and low cost structures has become crucially important in modern engineering design. This requires engineers to search for optimal and robust design options to address design problems that are often large in scale and highly nonlinear, making finding solutions challenging. In the past two decades, metaheuristic algorithms have shown promising power, efficiency and versatility in solving these difficult optimization problems.

This book examines the latest developments of metaheuristics and their applications in water, geotechnical and transport engineering offering practical case studies as examples to demonstrate real world applications. Topics cover a range of areas within engineering, including reviews of optimization algorithms, artificial intelligence, cuckoo search, genetic programming, neural networks, multivariate adaptive regression, swarm intelligence, genetic algorithms, ant colony optimization, evolutionary multiobjective optimization with diverse applications in engineering such as behavior of materials, geotechnical design, flood control, water distribution and signal networks. This book can serve as a supplementary text for design courses and computation in engineering as well as a reference for researchers and engineers in metaheursitics, optimization in civil engineering and computational intelligence.

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Academic researchers and lecturers in civil engineering and computer sciences as well as industrial practitioners.


Book information

  • Published: September 2012
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-398296-4

Table of Contents

1. Optimization and Metaheuristic Algorithms in Engineering (Xin-She Yang)

Part I: Water Resources

2.Application of Soft Computing Methods in Water Resources Engineering (Hazi Mohammad Azamathulla)

3.Genetic Algorithms and Their Applications to Water resources Systems (Deepti Rani and Sharad Kumar Jain)

4.Application of Hybrid HS-Solver Algorithm to the Solution of Groundwater Management Problems (Mustafa Tamer Ayvaz and Alper Elçi)

5.Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization of the Water Distribution Networks (Ali Nikjoofar, Mahdi Zarghami and Mohammad Taghi Aalami)

6.Ant Colony Optimization for Parameters Estimating of Flood Frequency Distributions (Siamak Talatahari, Vijay P. Singh and Yousef Hassanzadeh)

7.Optimal Reservoir Operation for Irrigation Planning Using Swarm Intelligence Algorithm (Vasan Arunachalam)

Part II: Geotechnical Engineering

8.Artificial Intelligence in Geotechnical Engineering: Applications, Modelling Aspects and Future Directions (Mohamed A. Shahin)

9.Hybrid heuristic optimization methods in geotechnical engineering (Yung M. Cheng and Zong Woo Geem)

10.Artificial neural network in geotechncial engineering: modelling and application issues (Sarat Kumar Das)

11.Geotechnical Applications of Bayesian Neural Networks (Anthony Teck Chee Goh and Chai Guan Chua)

12.Linear and Tree-Based Genetic Programming for Solving Geotechnical Engineering Problems (Amir Hossein Alavi, Amir Hossein Gandomi, Jafar Bolouri Bazaz and Ali Mollahassani)

13.A New Approach to Modelling the Behaviour of Geomaterials (Ali Akbar Javadi, Alireza Ahangar-Asr, Assad Faramarzi and Nader Mottaghifard)

14.Slope Stability analysis using Metaheuristics (Pijush Samui)

Part III: Transport Engineering

15.Scheduling Transportation Networks and Reliability Analysis of Geostructures using Metaheuristics (Nikos Kallioras, George Pilliounis, Matthew G. Karlaftis and Nikos D. Lagaros)

16.Metaheuristic Applications in Highway and Rail Infrastructure Planning and Design: Implications to Energy and Environmental Sustainability (Manoj K. Jha)

17.Multi-Objective Optimization of Delay and Stops in Traffic Signal Networks (Khewal Bhupendra Kesur)

18.An improved Hybrid Algorithm for Stochastic Bus-Network Design (Ana Carolina Olivera, Mariano Frutos and Jessica Andrea Carballido)

19.Hybrid method and its application toward smart Pavement Management (Fereidoon Moghadas Nejad and Hamzeh Zakeri)