Melatonin - Current Status and Perspectives book cover

Melatonin - Current Status and Perspectives

The knowledge of Melatonin has steadily increased since its discovery 20 years ago by Lerner. The growing practical and theoretical importance of this hormone resulted in the organization of the First International Symposium on Melatonin. This book of proceedings gives a comprehensive summary of all trustworthy available information on Melatonin and is the first publication of its kind on this subject

Of interest to neuroscientists and neuroendocrinologists

Included in series
Advances in the Biosciences


Published: February 1981

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-026400-4


  • Assay methods of melatonin

    Developments in melatonin histophysiology

    Advances in melatonin physiology

    Progress in molecular endocrinology of melatonin

    New results in human melatonin research

    Appendix - melatonin and rebound phenomenon


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