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Medical and Veterinary Entomology

For medical, veterinary, entomology and public health students, this acclaimed textbook has been fully updated and revised to reflect the most recent advances. Each chapter is structured with the student in mind, organized by the major headings of Taxonomy, Morphology, Life History, Behavior and Ecology, Public Health and Veterinary Importance, and Prevention and Control. This 2e includes separate chapters devoted to each of the taxonomic groups of insects and arachnids of medical or veterinary concern, including spiders, scorpions, mites, and ticks. Internationally recognized editors Mullen and Durden surpass the competition by including extensive coverage of both medical and veterinary entomological importance.

Teaching and research faculty in medical and veterinary schools that provide a course in vector borne diseases and medical entomology; Parasitologists, entomologists, government scientists responsible for oversight and monitoring of insect vector borne diseases; Medical and veterinary school libraries and libraries at institutions with strong programs in entomology.

Hardbound, 637 Pages

Published: April 2009

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-372500-4


  • "Without a doubt the finest book available in English on the subject today."--FLORIDA SCIENTIST from the previous edition


  • 1 INTRODUCTIONLance A. Durden and Gary R. Mullen2 MORPHOLOGICAL ADAPTATIONS OF PARASITIC ARTHROPODSNathan D. Burkett-Cadena3 EPIDEMIOLOGY OF VECTOR-BORNE DISEASESWilliam K. Reisen4 FORENSIC ENTOMOLOGYWilliam L. Krinsky 5 COCKROACHES (BLATTARIA)Richard J. Brenner and Richard D. Kramer6 LICE (PHTHIRAPTERA)Lance A. Durden and John E. Lloyd 7 TRUE BUGS (HEMIPTERA)William L. Krinsky 8 BEETLES (COLEOPTERA)William L. Krinsky 9 FLEAS (SIPHONAPTERA)Lance A. Durden and Nancy C. Hinkle10 FLIES (DIPTERA) Robert D. Hall and Reid R. Gerhardt11 MOTH FLIES AND SAND FLIES (PSYCHODIDAE) Louis C. Rutledge and Raj K. Gupta12 BITING MIDGES (CERATOPOGONIDAE)Gary R. Mullen13 BLACK FLIES (SIMULIIDAE)Peter H. Adler and John W. McCreadie14 MOSQUITOES (CULICIDAE)Woodbridge A. Foster and Edward D. Walker15 HORSE FLIES AND DEER FLIES (TABANIDAE)Bradley A. Mullens16 MUSCID FLIES (MUSCIDAE)Roger D. Moon17 TSETSE FLIES (GLOSSINIDAE)William L. Krinsky18 MYIASIS (MUSCOIDEA, OESTROIDEA)Philip J. Scholl, E. Paul Catts, and Gary R. Mullen19 LOUSE FLIES, KEDS, AND RELATED FLIES (HIPPOBOSCOIDEA)John E. Lloyd20 MOTHS AND BUTTERFLIES (LEPIDOPTERA)Gary R. Mullen21 ANTS, WASPS AND BEES (HYMENOPTERA)Hal C. Reed and Peter J. Landolt22 SCORPIONS (SCORPIONES)Gary R. Mullen and Scott A. Stockwell23 SOLPUGIDS (SOLIFUGAE)Gary R. Mullen24 SPIDERS (ARANEAE)Gary R. Mullen and Richard S. Vetter25 MITES (ACARI)Gary R. Mullen and Barry M. OConnor26 TICKS (IXODIDA)William L. Nicholson, Daniel E. Sonenshine, Robert S. Lane, and Gerrit Uilenberg27 MOLECULAR TOOLS IN MEDICAL AND VETERINARY ENTOMOLOGY Dana NayduchAPPENDIX. ARTHROPOD-RELATED VIRUSES OF MEDICAL AND VETERINARY IMPORTANCE Michael J. TurellGLOSSARYTAXONOMIC INDEXSUBJECT INDEX


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