Mastering Neuroscience book cover

Mastering Neuroscience

A Laboratory Guide

Enhance your knowledge of neuroscience as it relates to rehabilitation with the first neuroscience laboratory guide designed just for rehabilitation students! This unique manual helps you easily identify the structures of the nervous system and gain a better understanding of the mechanism of the sensory and motor pathways and how they contribute to movement. Fourteen hands-on labs cover the internal and external structures of the CNS, as well as the ventricular system, cranial nerves, the meninges, blood supply, the muscle spindle and GTO, sensory and motor pathways, and the vestibular and visual systems. Numerous case studies illustrate spinal cord injury, brainstem, cranial nerves, and/or cerebrum dysfunction, helping you improve your clinical reasoning skills.

Book, 168 Pages

Published: April 2009

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4557-3628-7


  • Lab 1: Introduction and Gross Central Nervous System

    Lab 2: Brainstem and Sagittal Sections

    Lab 3: Cerebellum, Cranial Nerves, Ventricular System, and Spinal Cord Anatomy

    Lab 4: Cerebral and Diencephalic Internal Structures

    Lab 5: Meninges, Blood Vessels, and Cranium

    Lab 6: Case Studies for GTO and Muscle Spindle

    Lab 7: Sensory Pathways

    Lab 8: Motor Pathways

    Lab 9: Spinal Cord Injury: Case Stories

    Lab 10: Vestibular System

    Lab 11: Visual System

    Lab 12: Brainstem and Cranial Nerve Case Stories

    Lab 13: Brainstem, Cranial Nerve, and Cerebral Lesions Case Stories

    Lab 14: Student Teaching Assignment


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