Mastering Cloud Computing

Foundations and Applications Programming


  • Rajkumar Buyya, Prof. of Computer Science, University of Melbourne, Australia, and founding CEO, Manjrasoft Pty Ltd.
  • Christian Vecchiola, University of Melbourne, Australia
  • S.Thamarai Selvi, Madras Institute of Technology, Anna University, Chennai, India

Mastering Cloud Computing is designed for undergraduate students learning to develop cloud computing applications. Tomorrow's applications won’t live on a single computer but will be deployed from and reside on a virtual server, accessible anywhere, any time. Tomorrow's application developers need to understand the requirements of building apps for these virtual systems, including concurrent programming, high-performance computing, and data-intensive systems.

The book introduces the principles of distributed and parallel computing underlying cloud architectures and specifically focuses on virtualization, thread programming, task programming, and map-reduce programming. There are examples demonstrating all of these and more, with exercises and labs throughout.

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Undergraduate students in cloud computing courses, as well as professionals who want to learn about this technology


Book information

  • Published: May 2013
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-411454-8

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Principles of Parallel and Distributed Computing

3. Virtualization

4. Cloud Computing Architecture

5. Aneka: Cloud application platform

6. Concurrent Computing: Thread programming

7. High-Throughput Computing: Task Programming

8. Data Intensive Computing: Map-Reduce Programming

9. Cloud Platforms in Industry

10. Cloud Applications

11. Advanced Topics in Cloud Computing