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Manual Therapy in Children

Manual Therapy in Children presents a comprehensive conceptual approach to the subject of manual therapy for children of different ages. This approach considers the relationship between the neuromusculoskeletal structure and function at different stages of development and places strong emphasis on the prevention of problems as the child develops as well as on their safe and effective treatment and management.

Paperback, 368 Pages

Published: September 2004

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-443-10018-5


  • Introduction
    The Theoretical Base
    Sensori-motor development of newborn and children form the viewpoint of manual therapy
    Development and topographical anatomy of the cervical spine
    Development of the central nervous system
    Adaptive properties of motor behaviour
    Neuromotor development in infancy and early childhood
    Clinical insights
    Birthing interventions and the newborn cervical spine
    Birth trauma and its implications for the neuromotor development
    Differential diagnosis of central and peripheral neurological disorders in infants
    Manual medicine from a paediatrician's viewpoint
    The influence of the high cervical region on the autonomous regulatory system in infants
    Attention deficit syndrome and the upper cervical spine
    Asymmetry of the posture, locomotion apparatus and dentition in children
    The Different Levels: Practical Aspects of MTC
    Practicalities of MTC
    Manual therapy of the sacroiliac joints and the pelvic girdle in children
    Manual therapy of the thoracical spine in children
    Examination and treatment of the cervical spine in children
    Radiology in MTC
    Functional radiology of the (cervical) spine in children
    The how-to of making radiographs of newborn and children
    Radiological examination of the spine in children and adolescents: Pictorial essay
    Measuring it: Different approaches to the documentation of posture and co-ordination
    Making Sense of it all
    Complexity theory and its implications for manual therapy
    The big, the small, and the beautiful
    The KiSS syndrome: Symptoms & signs
    A tool for the evaluation and assessment of the effects of manual therapy in small children
    KiDD: KiSS-induced dysgnosia & dyspraxia
    The family dimension


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