Making the Diagnosis: A Practical Guide to Breast Imaging book cover

Making the Diagnosis: A Practical Guide to Breast Imaging

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Detect and identify breast lesions at the earliest possible stage with Making the Diagnosis: A Practical Guide to Breast Imaging. Dr. Jennifer Harvey and Dr. David E. March utilize a practical, case-based approach to help you select and make optimal use of today's imaging options.

Hardbound, 584 Pages

Published: May 2013

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4557-2284-6


  • "This book attempts to cover all aspects of breast imaging, with the inclusion of sections on postioning. technical  quality and physics, as well as the interpretation of screening and symptomatic mammography...The book is well laid out, with each chapter offering the necessary information and a clearly presented summary of key points... This book would be a useful addition to any breast screening unit, offering a helpful resource to trainee specialist radiologists and advanced practitioner radiographer...I would recommend this textbook as a useful resource for a wide audience."

    RAD, Nov 2013


  • Section I: Approach and Technique

    1. The First Question

    2. Physics Facts that WILL Improve Your Images

    3. Screening Mammography 101 and Beyond

    4. The Recalled Patient: Now What?

    Section II: Findings on Mammography

    5. Breast Anatomy and Physiology: Recognizing Normal Changes

    6. Calcifications Made Easy

    7. Management of Masses: BI-RADS 2, 3, or 4?

    8. Multiple Masses

    9. Architectural Distortion

    10. Mammographic Asymmetries

    11. Expanding the Differential Diagnosis: Going Beyond IDC-NOS

    Section III: Screening Detection

    12. Finding Cancers in Dense Tissue

    13. Measuring and Managing Breast Cancer Risk

    Section IV: Diagnostic Examinations and Management

    14. The Painful and the Palpable

    15. Evaluation of Nipple Discharge

    16. The Male Breast

    17. Imaging the Patient with Breast Cancer

    Section V: Postoperative Studies

    18. The Postoperative Breast

    19. Evaluating Women with Implants

    Section VI: Interventions

    20. Breast Needle Biopsy: Tips for Challenging Cases


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