Machine Learning and Data Mining book cover

Machine Learning and Data Mining

Data mining is often referred to by real-time users and software solutions providers as knowledge discovery in databases (KDD). Good data mining practice for business intelligence (the art of turning raw software into meaningful information) is demonstrated by the many new techniques and developments in the conversion of fresh scientific discovery into widely accessible software solutions. This book has been written as an introduction to the main issues associated with the basics of machine learning and the algorithms used in data mining.

Suitable for advanced undergraduates and their tutors at postgraduate level in a wide area of computer science and technology topics as well as researchers looking to adapt various algorithms for particular data mining tasks. A valuable addition to the libraries and bookshelves of the many companies who are using the principles of data mining (or KDD) to effectively deliver solid business and industry solutions.

Paperback, 480 Pages

Published: April 2007

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-904275-21-3


  • Readers are treated to a comprehensive look at the principles. …a fine overview of machine learning methods. …Recommended., Choice Magazine


  • Introduction; Learning and intelligence; Machine learning basics; Knowledge representation; Learning as search; Attribute quality measures; Data pre-processing; Constructive induction; Symbolic learning; Statistical learning; Artificial neural networks; Cluster analysis; Learning theory; Computational learning theory; Definitions; References and index.


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