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Lubricated Wear

As a result of the increased focus on modern compact machinery in industry, wear in lubricated contacts and the problems of running in, and scuffing has become the most important form of wear.Despite this trend, until now information on lubricated wear has been scattered across a wide number of journals, emphasizing only one aspect of the wear process. This new book is a unique resource, consolidating all the available information into one place. In doing this Sethuramiah, contributes significantly to the development of knowledge in the field, by highlighting knowledge gaps for future research. More immediate improvements in practice have been clearly identified with well-argued methodologies with which the present level of knowledge can be improved. This book will therefore prove an essential resource for all engineers and scientists with an interest in lubricated wear.

Relevant to all interested in 'Lubricated Wear' including lubricating formulators, user industries, and researchers in tribology

Hardbound, 310 Pages

Published: June 2003

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-51092-1


    • Tribology in Perspective
    • Lubricant Technology - A Survey
    • Dry Wear Mechanisms and Modelling
    • Boundary Lubrication Mechanisms - Metallic Materials
    • Lubricated Wear of Metallic Materials - Theorey and Practice
    • Wear of Non-Metallic Materials
    • Tribological Evaluation Methodologies
    • Fatigue and Wear in Mixed Lubrication


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