Logistics of production and inventory Horm. 4 Handbook in Operations Research and Management Science, vol. 4


  • Gerard Meurant

The essays collected in this volume present a broad survey of the state of the art in logistics systems research as viewed by a distinguished group of scholars. The book shows that logistics remains an active, vibrant subject of inquiry. The reasons for this continued development are the following. Firstly, logistic systems are extremely complex with many inherent technical problems, and fundamently new approaches to the subject are frequently arising. Secondly, the practical world of logistics has changed markedly over the past few decades, posing significant new challenges to researchers. This volume focuses mainly on the key developments in the last decade.
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Book information

  • Published: May 1993
  • Imprint: NORTH-HOLLAND
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-87472-6


In short, this book written by renowned authorities on each of the subject areas examined will without doubt become an essential reference for those interested in research related to logistic systems and an interesting support book for practitioners.

This huge collection of high quality surveys, all inter-related inter-referenced and still with amazingly few overlappings, will provide an excellent high-level introduction to the interested novice, a wealth of information and models to the practitioner, and an important reference source for the researcher.
Zentralblatt für Mathematik
I highly recommend this book to both newcomers for getting a good overview and experienced workers for hints to new quantitatively oriented methods.

Table of Contents

Fundamentals. Single-Product, Single-Location Models (H.L. Lee, S. Nahmias). Multiple Products and Locations. Analysis of Multistage Production Systems (J.A. Muckstadt, R.O. Roundy). Centralized Planning Models for Multi-Echelon Inventory Systems under Uncertainty (A. Federgruen). Continuous Review Policies for Multi-Level Inventory Systems with Stochastic Demand (S. Axsäter). Performance Evaluation of Production Networks (R. Suri, J.L. Sanders, M. Kamath). Manufacturing Lead Times, Order Release and Capacity Loading (U.S. Karmarkar). Production Planning and Scheduling. An Overview of Production Planning (L.J. Thomas, J.O. McClain). Mathematical Programming Models and Methods for Production Planning and Scheduling (J.F. Shapiro). Sequencing and Scheduling: Algorithms and Complexity (E.L. Lawler et al.). Hierarchical Production Planning (G.R. Bitran, D. Tirupati). Additional Topics. Requirements Planning (K.R. Baker). The Just-in-Time System (H. Groenevelt). Scientific Quality Management and Management Science (P.J. Kolesar). Developments in Manufacturing Technology and Economic Evaluation Models (C.H. Fine). Subject Index. Contents of Previous Volumes.