Linux and OpenVMS Interoperability book cover

Linux and OpenVMS Interoperability

Tricks for Old Dogs, New Dogs and Hot Dogs with Open Systems

Make OpenVMS High Availability systems and low cost Open System computers work together in complex Intranet and Internet environments.Users of Linux, UNIX and the hundreds of thousands of OpenVMS installations world-wide will find invaluable information in Linux and OpenVMS Interoperability. This book gives you access to the best resources of both Linux and OpenVMS systems by providing practical hints, tricks, and step-by-step processes for installing and interoperating both systems. If you've heard one of John Wisniewski's many presentations on the subject, you'll find that he also brings his expertise and his own brand of humor to the task of explaining these operating systems to new and experienced programmers and administrators.

Technical users, Linux, UNIX, and OpenVMS system Administrators; also students, OpenVMS hobbyists, and Linux enthusiasts


Published: April 2003

Imprint: Digital Press

ISBN: 978-1-55558-267-8


  • "I've found this book to be a practical, hands-on manual that explains how OpenVMS system managers can integrate their systems with Linux, allowing the two platforms to work cooperatively and extend the processing capability of a computing environment. John clearly describes the features and benefits of both operating systems, so that you can evaluate which one is best for any given task. The hints, tips, and techniques you'll find here will help you create a heterogeneous OpenVMS and Linux computing environment to meet your needs today and tomorrow."—Martin R. Fink, Vice-President and Chief Technology Officer, Business Critical Systems, Hewlett-Packard


  • Assessing OpenVMS and Linux: The Right Tool for the Right Job; Breaking into OpenVMS and Linux; TCP/IP for OpenVMS and Linux; Security Tools for Open VMS and Linux; X Windows Applications: X Windows Interoperability with VMS and Linux; Using E-mail with Open VMS and Linux: SMB for Linux and OpenVMS; Apache VMS and Linux Style; A Compendium of Open Source Tools for Open VMS and Linus


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