Licensing and Managing Electronic Resources book cover

Licensing and Managing Electronic Resources

Libraries are licensing information resources in greater numbers then ever before.In order to negotiate and manage an ever-increasing number of licenses, libraries are either establishing Electronic Resource (ER) Librarian positions, or have been assigning these responsibilities to current staff. In both cases, few resources are available to acclimate new ER librarians to the diverse responsibilities associated with their position. An introduction and practical guide to the standard responsibilities ER librarians address daily. These include: knowing the rights libraries have as consumers of information under United States copyright law, understanding licensing terms and conditions, negotiating licenses to support the specific needs of the subscribing institution, and managing these resources once subscribed. Although every college and university is different, this book provides a framework within which the new ER librarian can learn the basics behind negotiating and managing their information resources effectively.

Paperback, 204 Pages

Published: July 2008

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-432-2


  • …what the book has to say is eminently sensible. Unlike its major competitors, it goes into sufficient detail regarding the wording of clauses to make clear why the wording is so important. It complements the other books., Journal of Documentation
    …an in-depth look at the different steps involved in the licensing and management of e-resources. …a valuable text for a course on e-resource management or as a handbook for someone new to this role., Library Management
    As an introduction to this jungle it is a clear and calm guide., Program


  • Know your copyrights; Who are you? Identifying your institution and its needs; The license; Successfully negotiating an agreement; Selecting and managing titles in your electronic resources portfolio; Model licenses and license alternatives: Conclusion.


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