Leadership and Management of Quality in Higher Education book cover

Leadership and Management of Quality in Higher Education

This book provides a range of case studies concerning the leadership and management of quality development in higher education. It captures the experiences of senior administrators and managers to the complexity of problems that quality development involves. The authors draw attention to the human-centred approach to quality, as they argue that in any activity there is a need to take account of human values and attitudes.

Leaders and managers at all levels in higher education including: senior administrators, managers, faculty staff, course coordinators and government agencies.

Paperback, 246 Pages

Published: August 2010

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-576-3


  • Part 1 Overview: Growth of the quality movement in higher education. Part 2 Leadership of quality in higher education: Initiative-based quality development and the role of distributed leadership; A leadership model for higher education quality; A framework for engaging leadership in higher education quality systems. Part 3 Approaches of managers to quality in higher education: Quality management in higher education: A comparative study of the United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Finland; Towards a culture of quality in South African higher education. Part 4 Auditing quality in higher education: Auditors’ perspectives on quality in higher education. Part 5 Academic development and quality in higher education: Academic development as change leadership in higher education; Quality in the transitional process of establishing political science as a new discipline in Czech higher education (post 1989); Academic development and quality in Oman: Mapping the terrain. Part 6 Resources and trends in higher education quality: New directions in quality management; Dubai’s Free Zone model for leadership in the external quality assurance of higher education; Trends in quality development.


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