Language Intervention for School-Age Students

Setting Goals for Academic Success


  • Geraldine Wallach, PhD, Associate Professor & Clinic Director, Department of Communicative Disorders, California State University - Long Beach, Long Beach, CA, USA

Language Intervention for School-Age Students is your working manual for helping children with language learning disabilities (LLD) gain the tools they need to succeed in school. Going beyond the common approach to language disorders in school-age populations, this innovative resource supplements a theoretical understanding of language intervention with a wealth of practical application strategies you can use to improve learning outcomes for children and adolescents with LLD. Well-referenced discussions with real-life examples promote evidence-based practice. Case histories and treatment strategies help you better understand student challenges and develop reliable methods to help them achieve their learning goals.
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Book information

  • Published: September 2007
  • Imprint: MOSBY
  • ISBN: 978-0-323-04033-4

Table of Contents

PART ONE: Conceptual Framework

1. Innovative Language Intervention at School-Age Levels: What It Takes to Get There

2. Language Learning Disabilities: Where Are We?

PART TWO: A Practical Framework

3. What Language Intervention “Looks Like” at School-Age Levels

4. Creating “Curriculum-Relevant” Therapy: Making the Tough Choices

PART THREE: A Marriage of Conceptual and Practical Frameworks

5. Successful Language Literacy Intervention: A Look Back to Looking Ahead

6. Integrating Spoken and Written Language: An Eye Toward Becoming Literate

7. Seeing the World Through Connected Text: Bringing Structure and Content, Macro and Micro Pieces Together (Part 1)

8. Seeing the World Through Connected Text: Bringing Structure and Content, Macro and Micro Pieces Together (Part 2)

PART FOUR: Toward a Summary

9. Back into the Field: Starting to Pull the Missing Pieces Together

10. The End Becomes a New Beginning: Coming Full Circle

APPENDIX A: Examples of Scripts at Each Level Using the Book-Sharing Intervention

APPENDIX B: A Suggested Sequence of Literature-Based Intervention Activities

APPENDIX C: Interview Protocol for Eliciting Conversation, Narrative, and Expository Samples of Connected Speech

APPENDIX D: A List of Connecting Words and Definitions and Words with Similar Meanings