Labour Disputes and their Resolution in China book cover

Labour Disputes and their Resolution in China

The scale, nature and causes of labour disputes in China are identified and discussed in this comprehensive review as well as how they can be managed. The labour disputes resolution mechanisms discussed in this book include, trade union, collective labour contract, tripartite coordination and labour court. This book presents an updated literature review and reports the findings of two empirical projects on this subject. The effectiveness of these mechanisms and the appropriate resolution model for the future are both discussed.

Students and academics in Asian studies

Hardbound, 178 Pages

Published: February 2007

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-180-2


  • Economic reform: A historical perspective and its social impact; The changes in China’s employment relations; Labour disputes; Trade unions; Labour contracts; Labour tripartism; Labour dispute arbitration; Labour litigation; Conclusions.


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