Laboratory Animal Welfare book cover

Laboratory Animal Welfare

Laboratory Animal Welfare provides a comprehensive, up-to-date look into the new science of animal welfare within laboratory research. Animals specifically considered include rodents, cats and dogs, nonhuman primates, agricultural animals, avian animals and aquatic animals.

The book examines the impact of experiment design and environment on animal welfare, as well as emergency situations and euthanasia practices. Readers will benefit from a review of regulations and policy guidelines concerning lab animal use, as well as information on assessing animal welfare. With discussions of the history and ethics of animals in research, and a debate on contemporary and international issues, this book is a go-to resource for laboratory animal welfare.


Researchers working with laboratory animal species, academic, government, and corporate sectors across the biological and biomedical sciences.

Hardbound, 336 Pages

Published: September 2013

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-385103-1


  • 1.History, Philosophies, and Concepts of Animal Welfare
    2.Ethics and Animal Welfare
    3.Regulations, Policies, and Guidelines Impacting Laboratory Animal Welfare
    4.Animal Welfare Assessment Considerations
    5.Contemporary Issues in Laboratory Animal Welfare
    6.Laboratory Animal Welfare: International Issues
    7.Animal Environments and Their Impact on Laboratory Animal Welfare
    8.Experimental Design: Reduction and Refinement in Studies Using Animals
    9.Animal Welfare Considerations in Biomedical Research and Testing
    10.Preservation of Animal Welfare during Unforeseen Events
    11.Euthanasia and Laboratory Animal Welfare
    12.Rodent and Rabbit Welfare in the Research Environment
    13.Nonhuman Primate Welfare in the Research Environment
    14.Dog and Cat Welfare in a Research Environment
    15.Agricultural Animal Welfare
    16.Birds as Laboratory Animals
    17.Welfare of Laboratory Fishes


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