Practical Guide for Programmers


  • Michael Sikora, Independent Consultant

If you're an experienced programmer, you already have a rock-solid foundation for learning Java. All you need is a resource that takes your experience into account and explains Java's key principles and techniques in an intelligent, efficient way. Java: Practical Guide for Programmers is precisely that resource. Here, you won't have to wade through hundreds of pages of overly simplistic material to learn the basics of Java programming. Instead, you get highly focused instruction in the core elements of Java 1.4, accompanied by carefully chosen examples and line-by-line analyses that are right to the point. You'll be astonished at how soon you can begin productive coding in Java, and how quickly your skills will progress. Web resources:Source code from the book is no longer available at press the 'Companion Page' button on the upper right side of this page to access a zip file containing it.Sun J2SE download page J2SE API documentation
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Java programmers, software developers, application designers, and database and web professionals


Book information

  • Published: December 2002
  • ISBN: 978-1-55860-909-9


"Java: Practical Guide for Programmers efficiently gives the experienced programmer a turbo jumpstart on the Java language. Readers will be surprised how fast they can grasp the language essentials. My students have been searching for this book for years!" --An Ngoc Lam Sr. Software Engineer, 3PARdata Inc. Computer Science Instructor, University of California at Santa Cruz

Table of Contents

Introduction: Basic Language Syntax: Flow Control: Classes and Objects: Inheritance and Access Control: Collections: Exceptions: Input/Output: Developing GUIs: Threads: Appendices-Operator Precedence, Swing Events