Ion-Exchange Membrane Separation Processes


  • H Strathmann, Institut für Chemische Verfahrenstechnik, Universität, Stuttgart, Germany

Today, membranes and membrane processes are used as efficient tools for the separation of liquid mixtures or gases in the chemical and biomedical industry, in water desalination and wastewater purification. Despite the fact that various membrane processes, like reverse osmosis, are described in great detail in a number of books, processes involving ion-exchange membranes are only described in a fragmented way in scientific journals and patents; even though large industrial applications, like electrodialysis, have been around for over half a century. Therefore, this book is emphasizing on the most relevant aspects of ion-exchange membranes. This book provides a comprehensive overview of ion-exchange membrane separation processes covering the fundamentals as well as recent developments of the different products and processes and their applications. The audience for this book is heterogeneous, as it includes plant managers and process engineers as well as research scientists and graduate students. The separate chapters are based on different topics. The first chapter describes the relevant Electromembrane processes in a general overview. The second chapter explains thermodynamic and physicochemical fundamentals. The third chapter gives information about ion-exchange membrane preparation techniques, while the fourth and fifth chapter discusses the processes as unit operations giving examples for the design of specific plants.
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Research scientists, graduate students, plant managers and process engineers in chemical engineering, environmental engineering, biotechnology, technical chemistry, chemical technology, biotechnology, water desalination and waste water treatment, pollution control etc.


Book information

  • Published: January 2004
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-50236-0

Table of Contents

Overview of Ion-Exchange Membrane ProcessesHistorical development.The structure of ion-exchange membranes.Ion-exchange membrane processes.Electrochemical and Thermodynamic FundamentalsBasic electrochemical relations.Basic thermodynamic relations.Transport of ions in solutions and membranes.Preparation and Characterization of Ion-Exchange MembranesPreparation of ion-exchange membranes. Characterization of ion-exchange membranes. Operating Principle of Electrodialysis and Related ProcessesThe principle of conventional electrodialysis.Electrodialysis with bipolar membranes.The principle of diffusion dialysis.The principle of continuous. The principle of Donnan dialysis. Other ion-exchange separation processes.Ion-Exchange Membrane Process and Equipment DesignDesign of electrodialysis processes and equipment.Bipolar membrane electrodialysis process design.Diffusion dialysis process and equipment design.Continuous electrodeionization process design. Donnan dialysis process and equipment design.Other ion-exchange membrane processes.Applications of Ion-Exchange Membrane Separation ProcessesPractical application of electrodialysis. Applications of bipolar membrane electrodialysis.Practical applications of diffusion dialysis. Applications of continuous electrodeionization. Practical applications of Donnan dialysis.Literature.