Introduction to Relativity book cover

Introduction to Relativity

For Physicists and Astronomers

Introduction to Relativity is intended to teach physics and astronomy majors at the freshman, sophomore or upper-division levels how to think about special and general relativity in a fundamental, but accessible, way. Designed to render any reader a "master of relativity", everything on the subject is comprehensible and derivable from first principles. The book emphasizes problem solving, contains abundant problem sets, and is conveniently organized to meet the needs of both student and instructor.

Anyone interested in understanding both the basic theory and the principles behind relativity.

Paperback, 178 Pages

Published: April 2001

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-417561-7


  • Physics According to Newton - A World with No Speed Limit.Physics According to Einstein.Visualizing Relativity - Minowski Diagrams.Assorted Applications.Illustrations and Problems in Space-Time Measurements.Relativistic Dynamics.A Gentle Introduction to General Relativity.Illustrations, Problems, and Discussions in General Relativity.


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