Introduction to Information Security book cover

Introduction to Information Security

A Strategic-Based Approach

Most introductory texts provide a technology-based survey of methods and techniques that leaves the reader without a clear understanding of the interrelationships between methods and techniques. By providing a strategy-based introduction, the reader is given a clear understanding of how to provide overlapping defenses for critical information. This understanding provides a basis for engineering and risk-management decisions in the defense of information.

Information security is a rapidly growing field, with a projected need for thousands of professionals within the next decade in the government sector alone. It is also a field that has changed in the last decade from a largely theory-based discipline to an experience-based discipline. This shift in the field has left several of the classic texts with a strongly dated feel.

Students in Intro to Security courses, Network and System Administrators, IT Professionals

Paperback, 382 Pages

Published: November 2013

Imprint: Syngress

ISBN: 978-1-59749-969-9


    1. Introduction & Definitions
    2. Strategies and Security 
    3. Deception Strategies: Network Organization 
    4. Deception Strategies: Defensive technologies 
    5. Frustration Strategies: Footprint Minimization
    6. Frustration Strategies: Formal verification
    7. Resistance Strategies: Authentication & Permissions 
    8. Resistance Strategies: Encryption
    9. Resistance Strategies: Partitioning & Need-to-Know
    10. Resistance Strategies: Change management 
    11. Recognition Strategies: Network Analysis
    12. Recognition Strategies: Intrusion Detection and Prevention
    13. Recognition Strategies: Host-based recognition & Forensics
    14. Recognition Strategies: Integrity detection
    15. Recovery of Security
    16. Summary: Certifications and Conclusions


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