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Introduction to Feedback Control

What is often referred to as industrial mathematics is becoming a more important focus of applied mathematics. An increased interest in undergraduate control theory courses for mathematics students is part of this trend. This is due to the fact that control theory is both quite mathematical and very important in applications. Introduction to Feedback Control provides a rigorous introduction to input/output, controller design for linear systems to junior/senior level engineering and mathematics students. All explanations and most examples are single-input, single-output for ease of exposition. The student is assumed to have knowledge of linear ordinary differential equations and complex variables.

Engineering professionals with interest in both the mathematics and engineering vital to control theory.

Hardbound, 366 Pages

Published: December 2000

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-507660-9


  • "It is well-written, covers the topics, includes MATLAB, is simple and accessible to senior-level students, it will certainly be considered for adoption."
    What Reviewers Said About Introduction to Feedback Control:, --Robert Paz, Department of Electrical Engineering, New Mexico State University

    "This author is unusually readable and clear. I enjoy the nice examples used to illustrate the theory. The examples are terrific."
    --Alan Edelman, Department of Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


  • What is Feedback Control?.Systems Theory.Stability.Basic Loopshaping.Basic State Feedback and Estimation.Controller Parametrization.Generalized Plants.Estimator Based H° Controller Design.Model-Matching.Appendix A: Normed Linear Spaces.Appendix B: Algebra.Appendix C: System Manipulations.


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