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Introduction to EMC

This is the clear guide for non-specialists to electromagnetic compatability (EMC), the effects of electromagnetic radiation and the European EMC Directive which is now in force. This book helps by explaining the basic principles of EMC, how it may be controlled in practice through filtering, shielding, appropriate printed circuit board design, and other means. Electrostatic discharge (ESD) and surge protection are discussed. The growing concern about the effects of electromagnetic waves and fields on health are examined in detail.This introduction provides beginners, technical and non-technical alike with a basic guide to the principles of EMC. This will prove essential reading for the thousands of people close to despair, giving them the underlying insight, in clear words, that is needed to comply with the EMC Directive, and therefore opens the door to continued trading in Europe and the World.

electronics (especially RF) engineers, technicians, designers and managers; students

Paperback, 172 Pages

Published: August 1997

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-3101-3


  • " A clear giude for non-specialists to EMC" ELECTRONIC PRODUCT DESIGN


  • What is EMC?; Regulations and enforcement; Power supplies; Radio waves and how they travel (propagation); Antennas; Electrostatic discharge; sparking; Susceptibility; Impedance matching, balancing, tuning: Noise and interference; Car radios; Direction-finding; Shields (screens); Transients and surge protection; Filters; Printed-circuit boards, layout and grounding; Health and other aspects of electromagnetic waves; Health and measurements of electromagnetic fields; Glossary; Sources of technical information; Appendix A. Dates in the history of electromagnetism; Appendix B. Sources of electromagnetic pollution; Index


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