Integrating Conventional and Chinese Medicine in Cancer Care book cover

Integrating Conventional and Chinese Medicine in Cancer Care

A Clinical Guide

This new clinical resource clearly explains how to approach integrated care in a way that combines Chinese herbal medicine with Western medicine to enhance and improve medical care for patients with cancer - without undermining or negatively impacting patients' medical treatment. Each chapter covers a different type of cancer, first introducing the conventional medical understanding of that cancer including its etiology, diagnosis, and treatment according to staging and type. The chapter then covers that cancer from the perspective of Oriental medicine. Case studies illustrate the integration of treatment for each cancer type, raising important issues and considerations associated with specific cancers and treatments.

Paperback, 376 Pages

Published: June 2007

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-443-10063-5


  • Preface
    1.General pathophysiology and treatment: conventional and Chinese medicine
    2. Lung cancer
    3. Colorectal cancer
    4. Breast cancer
    5. Prostate cancer
    6. Cervical and uterine cancers
    7. Ovarian cancer
    8. Bladder and renal cancer
    9. Pancreatic and hepatic cancers
    10. Lymphomas
    11. Leukemia
    12. Concurrent issues
    13. Death and dying
    14. Prevention


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