Integrated Security Systems Design

Concepts, Specifications, and Implementation


  • Thomas Norman, CEO and chief security analyst, Protection Partners International (PPI) - Houston, TX, USA and Beirut, Lebanon

Integrated Security Systems Design is a one-stop resource for security directors, consultants, engineers and installation managers who are interested in providing the best possible security while saving millions in improved operations efficiency. An integrated security system is a system that has been incorporated into other programs (such as Access Control, Private Branch Exchanges, Human Relations, Security Video, and Intercommunications) to perform tasks in a manner consistent with corporate or agency policies and procedures. This book explains how to accomplish such integration, thereby saving a company both time and money.Integrated Security Systems Design is arranged to go from the strategic to the technical to the tactical. The strategic section covers the why of design, the technical section explains how it’s done, and the tactical section provides the cultural knowledge that leads to project success. Norman also offers guidance in avoiding pitfalls out of which legal action have arisen. Many of the subjects covered, such as how to make a security system invisible on an Information Technology System network, include material not available in any other book.
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Security directors and security managers, security consultants, security engineers and installation managers, and other security professionals.


Book information

  • Published: January 2007
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-7909-1

Table of Contents

SECTION ONE - INTRODUCTION TO INTEGRATED SECURITY SYSTEMS1 - Introduction and Organization of the Book2 - Integrated Security System Design Benefits and Philosophy3 - History of Electronic SecuritySECTION TWO - SECURITY SYSTEM DESIGN4 - Security System Design Elements5 - Electronics Elements (High Level Discussion)6 - Electronics Elements (Detailed Discussion)7 - Physical Security Elements8 - The Security Design Process9 - Preliminary Steps in the Design Process10 - Getting Down to the Actual DesignSECTION THREE - SPECIAL DESIGN SECTIONS11 - Information Technology Systems Infrastructure12 - Radio Frequency Systems13 - Interfacing to Legacy Systems and Emerging Technologies14 - Interfacing to Related Systems15 - Delaying Technologies and Response Technologies16 - Alarm Detection and Emerging Video Technologies17 - Design Standards Development18 - System Finalization and Commissioning Steps19 - System Implementation