Innovations in Adolescent Substance Abuse Interventions book cover

Innovations in Adolescent Substance Abuse Interventions

Innovations in Adolescent Substance Abuse Interventions focuses on developmentally appropriate approaches to the assessment, prevention, or treatment of substance use problems among adolescents. Organized into 16 chapters, this book begins with an assessment of adolescent substance use; theory, methods, and effectiveness of a drug abuse prevention approach; and problem behavior prevention programming for schools and community groups. Some chapters follow on the community-, family- and school-based interventions for adolescents with substance use problems. Other chapters explain psychopharmacological therapy; the assertive aftercare protocol for adolescent substance abusers; and twelve-step-based interventions for adolescents.

Hardbound, 406 Pages

Published: September 2001

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-043577-0


  • If the quality of this volume translates into influence on clinicians and other researchers in this area, knowledge about effective treatments, prevention efforts, and instruments should increase among those who provide care to youth. Drs. Wagner and Waldron have assembled an impressive array of contributors who are active, important investigators into developmentally-appropriate approaches to the assessment, prevention and treatment of substance use problems among adolescents. ...I can recommend this volume to a broad audience of readers who, I am certain, will find this book useful and informative. Given the paucity of material on effective treatment interventions, the authors could have given us much less and still advanced knowledge in the area. We are fortunate that they chose to give us more in the form of this quality volume.
    O.G. Bukstein, Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, Pittsburgh, USA, Clinical Psychologist, Vol 55, Issue 3, Summer 2002


  • Contributors


    1. Assessing Adolescent Substance Use

    2. Life Skills Training: Theory, Methods, and Effectiveness of a Drug Abuse Prevention Approach

    3. Reconnecting Youth to Prevent Drug Abuse, School Dropout and Suicidal Behaviors among High-Risk Youth

    4. All Stars: Problem Behavior Prevention Programming for Schools and Community Groups

    5. Community-Based Intervention

    6. An Ecological Approach to Family Intervention for Adolescent Substance Use

    7. Motivational Interviewing for Alcohol-Involved Adolescents in the Emergency Room

    8. Facilitating Change for Adolescent Alcohol Problems: A Multiple Options Approach

    9. The Teen Intervention Project: A School-Based Intervention for Adolescents with Substance Use Problems

    10. Family Behavior Therapy

    11. Multidimensional Family Therapy for Adolescent Substance Abuse

    12. Cigarette Smoking Treatment for Substance-Abusing Adolescents

    13. Psychopharmacological Therapy

    14. The Assertive Aftercare Protocol for Adolescent Substance Abusers

    15. Twelve-Step-Based Interventions for Adolescents

    16. Substance Abuse Interventions with Latino Adolescents: A Cultural Framework



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