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Inflammation, Advancing Age and Nutrition

Research and Clinical Interventions

The book provides a comprehensive overview to understanding the integrated impact of the concepts of cellular and molecular aspects, models, environmental factors, and lifestyle involved in premature aging. Additionally, it examines how functional food, dietary nutraceuticals or pharmacological compounds can reverse inflammation and premature aging based on personalized medicine. This book is a valuable resource for health professionals, scientists and researchers, nutritionists, health practitioners, students and for all those who wish to broaden their knowledge in the allied field.


Researchers, scientists and physicians specializing in arthritis, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, and cardiovascular fields. Gerontologists and Geriatricians. Nutritionists and Dieticians.

Hardbound, 394 Pages

Published: October 2013

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-397803-5


  • 1. Inflammaging: Current Perspectives in Premature Aging

      Claudio Franceschi

    2. Biomarkers and Inflammatory Networks in Aging: Targets for Therapies

      Calogero Caruso

    3. Inflammation, Cancer, and Aging Markers

      Fazlul Sarkar

    4. Immunity, Inflammation, and Aging

      Keith C. Meyer

    5. Redox regulation of Cellular Senescence in Inflammaging

      Dean L. Jones

    6. Oxidative stress, Inflammaging and Immunosenescence

      Moisés Evandro Bauer

    7. Cancer, Stress Responses, and Inflammaging

      Yong-Sang Song (Mi-Kyung Kim)

    8. Immunity, Senescence, Aging (immunosenescence) in Cancer

      Graham Pawelec and Tamas Fulop

    9. Aging, Telomeres/telomerase, and Senescence

      P Van der Harst

    10. Epigenetics of Inflammaging

      Mario F. Fraga

    11. Epigenetics, Autoimmunity, and Aging

      R.L. Yung

    12. Epigenetics of Inflammaging: Healthspan by Natural Epigenetic Medicine

      Wim Vanden Berghe

    13. Stem Cell Aging, Inflammation, and Senescence

      Guenter Lepperdinger

    14. Diet, Stem Cell Aging, Cellular Senescence, and Inflammation

      KS Kang and James Trosko

    15. Circadian Rhythm Disruption, Cellular Senescence, and Inflammaging

      R. Kondratov

    16. Obesity, Insulin Resistance, and Inflammaging

      Thomas Stulnig

    17. mTOR in Aging Cells

      Giovambattista Pani

    18. Cellular senescence, Inflammation, and Vascular Aging (role of inflammation in vascular cognitive impairment)

      Zoltan Ungvari

    19. SIRT1 and Inflammaging of the Lung

      Irfan Rahman

    20. Premature Cellular Senescence in Lung Inflammaging

      Don Sin

    21. Cellular Senescence and Premature Aging in Lung Diseases

      Kazutetsu Aoshiba, Takao Tsuji, Kazuhiro Yamaguchi, Masayuki Itoh and Hiroyuki Nakamura

    22. Arthritis and inflammation

      S P. Raychaudhuri

    23. Hair Loss and Alopecia

      WenChieh Chen

    24. Muscle Dysfunction and Aging, Inflammation

      Hans Degens

    25. Muscle loss, Sarcopenia and Advancing Age

      Darren G. Candow

    26. Elastases, MMPs, and Inflammaging of Skin

      Frank Antonicelli

    27. Ocular Health, Vision and Healthy Diet

      Sunny E. Ohia, Catherine A. Opere, Ya Fatou Njie-Mbye and Madhura Kulkarni

    28. The Role of Physical Activity in Healthy Living: Its Anti-inflammatory Effects

      Dawn Blatt and Cheri L. Gostic

    29. Impotence in Inflammaging or Erectile Dysfunction in Inflammaging or Sexual Health, Impotence and Advancing Age

      Maarten Albersen

    30. Roles of Fatty Acids (saturated vs unsaturated, n-3 and n-6 fatty acids) in Inflammation and Advancing age

      Jose Galgani and Diego Garcia


    31. Advancing Age, Parkinson’s and Alzheimers Diseases, and Inflammation: Protection by Natural Antioxidants

      Min Pan

    32. Phytochemicals, Cellular stress, Vitagenes in Inflammaging

      Vittorio Calabrese

    33. Inflammaging Signaling in Healthspan and Lifespan: Next generation targets for longevity

      Antero Salminen, Anu Kauppinen and Kai Kaarniranta

    34. Immortality, Healthspan, Mankind and Aging

      James Larrick

    35. Frailty: A Basic And Clinical Challenge For The Future

      Leocadio Rodriguez-Mañas

    36. Modulation Of Aging Genes: Importance To Longevity And In Age-Associated Frailty

      Jose Vina Ribes/Pepe


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