Industrial Process Control: Advances and Applications book cover

Industrial Process Control: Advances and Applications

This is a comprehensive, practical, easy-to-read book on process control, covering some of the most important topics in the petrochemical process industry, including Fieldbus, Multiphase Flow Metering, and other recently developed control systems.Drawing from his own experience and successes at such high-profile companies as Brown and Root and Honeywell spanning more than 20 years, the author explains the practical applications of some of the most intricate and complicated control systems that have ever been developed.

Hardbound, 182 Pages

Published: October 2002

Imprint: Gulf Professional Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-7506-7446-1


  • 'It is a compilation of the best instrumentation and control techniques used in industry, providing interesting theoretical content as well as practical topics on planning, integration, and application.' --Plant Engineering, 2003


  • An Overview of Instrumentation, Control, and Safety Systems; Systems Theory; Integrated Safety and Automation Systems; Project Engineering of Control Systems; Application Engineering of Control Systems; Some Typical Control/Safety Systems; Glossary; References


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