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Industrial Biofouling

Industrial Biofouling discusses the the challenges--and to a lesser extent, the benefits--of biofilms on industrial processing surfaces. It addresses the operating problems caused by establishment and growth of microorganisms, thereby enabling effective equipment design and operation that minimizes biofouling.

Chemical engineers, microbiologists, food scientists, biomaterials scientists, water engineers, air conditioning engineers, process engineers, metallurgists, processing equipment manufacturers, producers of biocides and coatings, and safety engineers

Hardbound, 220 Pages

Published: February 2011

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-53224-4


  • Review in German--Chemie Ingenieur Technik,13_85

    "Reg Bott is a long standing member of my hall of fame, and in this text he discusses the challenges and benefits of biofilms on industrial surfaces… Reg Bott started to investigate industrial biofouling long before it acquired the attention that it actually deserves, and he was the first to state through straightforward, elegant experiments, published in the eighties, that nutrients are a key factor for the progress of biofouling, leading to the conclusion that nutrients are a major fouling factor. This is remarkable compared to the common anti-fouling approaches which simply focus on killing bacteria instead of limiting their food….. He now presents a brand-new book on "Industrial Biofouling:…. The chapter on biofouling control reflects the ample experience of the author. Much of it is presented without reference but is very trustworthy."--Materials Today


  • 1. Industrial Biofouling
    2. Fluid Flow, Mass and Heat Transfer
    3. Biofilms
    4. Biofouling Control
    5. Cleaning Off-line
    6. Biofouling Monitoring
    7. Biofims in Industry
    8. Concluding Remarks


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