Implementation of Changes in Chinese Organizations book cover

Implementation of Changes in Chinese Organizations

Groping a Way Through the Darkness

There are no commonly accepted theories of change that have been developed for China or countries in transition. This book is an attempt to bridge that gap and provide a model which takes into account the specifics of organizational changes in Chinese organizations. It looks at various aspects of change implementation in Chinese organizations, including the types, the process, the readiness to change, and ethical issues.

Students and academics in Asian studies

Hardbound, 200 Pages

Published: March 2009

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-352-3


  • Organizational changes in Chinese companies: The triangular model for dealing with organizational change; Chinese institutional context; Types of change in Chinese organizations; The process of implementation of change; Readiness to change; Ethnics and corporate social responsibility during changes; Chinese cases: Introduction to the case studies; Implication for managers.


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