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  • P. Michael Conn, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Lubbock, USA

This volume of Methods in Enzymology is the second of 3 parts looking at current methodology for the imaging and spectroscopic analysis of live cells. The chapters provide hints and tricks not available in primary research publications. It is an invaluable resource for academics, researchers and students alike.
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Biochemists, biophysicists, molecular biologists, analytical chemists, pharmacologists and physiologists


Book information

  • Published: February 2012
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-388448-0

Table of Contents

Part A: Organelles and Cellular Structure

  1. Monitoring Cytoskeletal Dynamics in Living Neurons using Fluorescence Photoactivation
  2. Anne Gauthier-Kemper, Carina Weissmann, Hans-Jürgen Reyher, and Roland Brandt

  3. Red/far-red fluorescing DNA-specific anthraquinones for nucl:cyto segmentation and viability reporting in cell-based assays
  4. Roy Edward

  5. Methods to measure actin treadmilling rate in dendritic spines
  6. Mikko Koskinen, Enni Bertling, and Pirta Hotulainen

  7. Live Cell Imaging of Clathrin Coats
  8. Comert Kural and Tom Kirchhausen

  9. Imaging the Mitotic Spindle
  10. Paul S. Maddox, Anne-Marie Ladouceur, Rajesh Ranjan, Jonas Dorn, Hery Ratsima, Damien D’Amours, and Amy S. Maddox

  11. Modeling of spatial intracellular signaling events in neurons
  12. Wendy C. Wenderski and Susana R. Neves

  13. Imaging chromosome dynamics in meiosis in plants
  14. Moira J. Sheehan, and Wojciech P. Pawlowski

  15. Analysing lysosomes in live cells
  16. Paul R. Pryor

  17. Detection and Quantification of Biomolecular Association in Living Cells using Single Molecule Microscopy
  18. Mario Brameshuber,and Gerhard J. Schütz

  19. Visualizing cardiac ion channel trafficking pathways
  20. James W. Smyth and Robin M. Shaw

  21. Live Cell Imaging of the Cytoskeleton
  22. Eve G. Stringham, Nancy Marcus-Gueret, Laura Ramsay and Kristopher L. Schmidt

  23. Fluorescence single-molecule imaging of actin turnover and regulatory mechanisms
  24. Naoki Watanabe

  25. Analysis of cell dispersion and migration by video-microscopy
  26. Bonnomet Arnaud, Terryn Christine, Cutrona Jérôme, Jonquet Antoine, Birembaut Philippe, and Zahm Jean-Marie

    Part B: Molecules and Ions

  27. Real Time Qualitative and Quantitative Glut4 Translocation Assay
  28. Maleppillil Vavachan Vijayakumar and Manoj Kumar Bhat

  29. Advanced imaging of cellular signalling events
  30. JMarek Cebecauer, Jana Humpolíčková and Jerémie Rossy

  31. Dynamic imaging of homo-FRET in live cells by fluorescence anisotropy microscopy
  32. Subhasri Ghosh, Suvrajit Saha, Debanjan Goswami, Sameera Bilgrami and Satyajit Mayor

  33. Time-resolved luminescence resonance energy transfer imaging of protein-protein interactions in living cells
  34. Harsha E. Rajapakse and Lawrence W. Miller

  35. Imaging of corticosteroid receptors in live cells
  36. Mayumi Nishi

  37. Investigating second messenger signaling in vivo
  38. Rüdiger Rudolf, Mathias Hafner, and Marco Mongillo

  39. Probes for Intracellular RNA Imaging In Live Cells
  40. Philip J. Santangelo, Eric Alonas, Jeenah Jung, Aaron W. Lifland, and Chiara Zurla

  41. Imaging the Glycome in Living Systems
  42. Boyangzi Li, Feiyan Mock and Peng Wu

  43. Intracellular Magnesium Detection by Fluorescent Indicators
  44. Valentina Trapani, Monika Schweigel-Röntgen, Achille Cittadini and Federica I. Wolf

  45. Illuminating mobile zinc with fluorescence: From cuvettes to live cells and tissues
  46. Zhen Huang and Stephen J. Lippard

  47. Quantitative fluorescent live cell imaging of intracellular Ca2+ and H+ ions in malaria parasites

          Petra Rohrbach