IFRS: A Quick Reference Guide book cover

IFRS: A Quick Reference Guide

This book is all about how companies are applying the key principles in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and shows this by use of extensive examples of UK company accounts. The book provides coverage of the key points of each standard and links that with actual practice. It is not a detailed guidance book as such, or a transistion book from UK standards to IFRS, but a quick reference for the busy accountant which shows how to apply the key points of each standard by reference to how other companies have done it.Robert Kirk BSc (Econ) FCA CPA trained in Belfast with Price Waterhouse & Co., and subsequently spent two years in industry in a subsidiary of Shell (UK) and four further years in practice. He is currently Professor of Financial Reporting in the School of Accounting at the University of Ulster and has been lecturing on the CIMA Mastercourses Accounting Standards and Accounting Standards in Depth since 1985. He has authored four editions of Accounting Standards in Depth; UK Accounting Standards: A Quick Reference Guide; and International Reporting Standards in Depth Volume 1 Theory and Practice and Volume 2 Solutions.

Senior Financial Analysts; Financial Reporting Managers

Paperback, 560 Pages

Published: October 2008

Imprint: Cima Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-85617-545-6


  • Introduction; The Regulatory Framework and Presentation of Financial Statements; Asset Valuation: Non Current Assets; Asset Valuation: Intangible Assets; Asset Valuation: Inventories and Construction Contracts Liabilities; Performance Measurement; Employee Costs; Foreign Trading; Cash Flow Statements; Disclosure Standards; Group Accounting; Financial Instruments; Sundry Financial Reporting Standards.


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