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ICES Zooplankton Methodology Manual

The term "zooplankton" describes the community of floating, often microscopic, animals that inhabit aquatic environments. Being near the base of the food chain, they serve as food for larger animals, such as fish. The ICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Sea) Zooplankton Methodology Manual provides comprehensive coverage of modern techniques in zooplankton ecology written by a group of international experts. Chapters include sampling, acoustic and optical methods, estimation of feeding, growth, reproduction and metabolism, and up-to-date treatment of population genetics and modeling. This book will be a key reference work for marine scientists throughout the world.

Postgraduates, researchers, and industry workers in marine biology, ocean sciences, zoologists, and ecologists.

Hardbound, 684 Pages

Published: February 2000

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-327645-2


  • "This is a highly technical and scientific text that should prove to be invaluable to marine research scientists and graduates. Well referenced to the scientific literature." -NORTHEASTERN NATURALIST, 2005


  • J. Lenz, Introduction.H-R. Skjoldal, P.H. Wiebe, and K.G. Foote, Sampling and Experimental Design.D. Sameoto, P. Wiebe, J. Runge, L. Postel, J. Dunn, C. Miller, and S. Coombs, Collecting Zooplankton.L. Postel, H. Fock, and W. Hagen, Biomass and Abundance.D. Gifford and D. Caron, Sampling, Preservation, Enumeration, and Biomass of Marine Protozooplankton.K. Foote and T.K. Stanton, Acoustical Methods.K. Foote, Optical Methods.U. BÃ¥mstedt, D.J. Gifford, X. Irigoien, A. Atkinson, and M. Roman, Feeding.J. Runge and J.C. Roff, The Measurement of Growth and Reproductive Rates.T. Ikeda, J.J. Torres, S. Hernandez-Leon, and S.P. Geiger, Metabolism.A. Bucklin, Methods for Population Genetic Analysis of Zooplankton.F. Carlotti, J. Giske, and F. Werner, Modeling Zooplankton Dynamics.


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