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Hygiene in Food Processing

Principles and Practice

The hygienic processing of food concerns both potential hazards in food products and the regulation, design, and management of food processing facilities. This second edition of Hygiene in Food Processing gives a revised overview of the practices for safe processing and incorporates additional chapters concerning pest control, microbiological environmental sampling, and the economics of food plants.

Part one addresses microbial risks in foods and the corresponding regulation in the European Union. Part two discusses the hygienic design of food factory infrastructure, encompassing the design and materials for the factory itself, as well as food processing equipment. This edition includes a new chapter on the control of compressed gases used to pneumatically operate equipment. Part three focuses on cleaning and disinfection practices in food processing. The chapter on cleaning in place also considers more cost-effective systems, and complements the additional chapter on maintenance of equipment. These chapters also explore issues such as the hygiene of workers, potential infection by foreign bodies, and pest control. Further, the chapter on microbiological sampling explains how to calculate the risk of contamination depending on the product's environment.

This essential second edition is useful to professionals responsible for hygiene in the food industry. It provides a comprehensive, yet concise and practical reference source for food plant managers, suppliers of food processing equipment, building contractors, and food inspectors looking for an authoritative introduction to hygiene regulation, hygienic design, and sanitation.

Food equipment manufacturers and food manufacturers; University professors and researchers in the field in hygienic design; Trainers in hygiene and food safety; Public policy makers (FDA) developing food safety legislation and performing quality audits in food factories, restaurants, butchers, etc.; Quality managers working in food producing companies; Food processing research and technical centers

Hardbound, 640 Pages

Published: December 2013

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-85709-429-2


  • Part 1 Microbial food safety risks and hygiene regulation: Food hygiene regulation in the European Union (EU); Hazards, sources and vectors of contamination. Part 2 Hygienic design of food factory infrastructure: Hygienic factory design for food processing; Hygienic equipment design of food processing equipment; Food processing equipment construction materials; Verification and certification of hygienic design in food processing; Control of airborne contamination in food processing; Hygiene control in the application of compressed air and food gases. Part 3 Hygiene practices in food processing: Cleaning and disinfection practices in food processing; Cleaning in place (CIP) in food processing in food processing; Hygienic practices for equipment maintenance; Personal hygiene in the food industry; Food hygiene and foreign bodies; Pest control in food businesses: An introduction; Pest control of stored food products: Insects and mites; Microbiological environmental sampling, records, and record interpretation; Economics and management of hygiene in food plants.


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