Hydrometallurgy book cover


Principles and Applications

This book is concerned with the theoretical principles of hydrometallurgical processes and engineering aspects. The hydrometallurgical processes of production of copper are discussed and leaching of chalcopyrite as the main sulphide mineral of copper processed in industry is used as an example. The book is suitable as a university textbook for students of metallurgy.

University students studying metallurgy

Hardbound, 552 Pages

Published: July 2008

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84569-407-4


  • Current state of copper production; Ore minerals; Phase equilibrium of copper and iron sulphides; Equilibrium in aqueous solutions; Thermodynamics of heterogeneous systems in aqueous media; Programs and databases for thermodynamic calculations; Kinetics of heterogeneous reactions of leaching processes; Leaching in chlorides; Extraction of metals from solutions; Effect of electronic structure on leaching of sulphide semiconductors; Experimental methods of investigating hydrometallurgical processes; Leaching of copper sulphides; Morphology and behaviour of sulphur in leaching of sulphides; Examination of the fine structure; Mechanism of leaching of copper sulphides in acid medium; Current state and prospects of hydrometallurgical processes.


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