Human Sleep and Cognition, Part II

Clinical and Applied Research

Edited by

  • Hans Van Dongen, Washington State University Spokane, USA
  • Gerard Kerkhof, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

There is a critical, bidirectional relationship between sleep and cognition, yet the literature in this area is scattered, and it is surprisingly difficult to find a comprehensive overview of the basic principles, latest discoveries, and outstanding challenges.

This issue of Progress in Brain Research is split over 2 volumes, bringing together cutting-edge research on the topic in the basic, clinical and applied sciences. The 2 volumes review current knowledge and understanding, provide a starting point for researchers and practitioners entering the field, and build a platform for further research and discovery.

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Neuroscientists, psychologists, neurologists


Book information

  • Published: May 2011
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-53817-8

Table of Contents


Sleep disorders and cognitive functioning

  1. Cognition in circadian rhythm sleep disorders - Kathryn J. Reid, Lori L. McGee-Koch & Phyllis C. Zee
  2. Sleep-wake changes and cognition in neurodegenerative disease - Sharon L. Naismith, Simon J.G. Lewis & Naomi L. Rogers
  3. Cognition and daytime functioning in sleep-related breathing disorders - Melinda L. Jackson, Mark E. Howard & Maree Barnes
  4. Cognitive effects of clinical interventions in sleep and wakefulness

  5. Cognitive recovery following positive airway pressure (PAP) in sleep apnea - Ellyn E. Matthews & Mark S. Aloia
  6. Effects of the use of hypnotics on cognition - Annemiek Vermeeren & Anton M.L. Coenen
  7. Effects of caffeine on sleep and cognition - Jan Snel & Monicque M. Lorist
  8. Bright light effects on sleep and cognition - Sarah L. Chellappa, Marijke C.M. Gordijn & Christian Cajochen
  9. Sleep and cognition in real-world settings

  10. Sleep's effects on cognition and learning in adolescence - Mary A. Carskadon
  11. Individual differences in cognitive vulnerability to fatigue in the laboratory and in the workplace - Hans P.A. Van Dongen, John A. Caldwell & J. Lynn Caldwell
  12. Predicting cognitive impairment and accident risk - Thomas G. Raslear, Steven R. Hursh & Hans P.A. Van Dongen
  13. Sleep loss and accidents - work hours, life style and sleep pathology - Torbjörn Åkerstedt, Pierre Philip, Aurore Capelli & Göran Kecklund
  14. Occupational sleep medicine: practice and promise - Gregory Belenky, Lora J. Wu & Melinda L. Jackson