Human Aspects in Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Edited By

  • G.J. Olling, Chrysler Motors, Highland Park, USA
  • F. Kimura, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

The papers in this volume reflect the current research and development of advanced manufacturing software. They may be categorized as follows: New Concepts towards CIM, Product Realization through Product/Process Modelling, Intelligent Management and Control of Manufacturing Activities, and Development of CIM Systems.
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Book information

  • Published: June 1992
  • Imprint: NORTH-HOLLAND
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-89465-6

Table of Contents

Invited Paper: The Roles of Man and Computer in CIM Systems (T. Ito). Keynote Paper: Amalgamation of Human Intelligence with Highly Automatised Systems - An Approach to Manufacturing Structure for the 21st Century in Japan (Y. Ito). Architecture and Methodologies to Design Advanced and Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Organized by G. Doumeingts. (Contributors: G. Doumeingts, D. Chen; K. Kosanke, F. Vernadat). Shortening of Development Times. Organized by F.-L. Krause. (Contributors: F.-L. Krause, B. Ochs; T. Hirayama). Product Modelling and Data Driven Applications in Design and Manufacturing: Organized by T. Kjellberg. (Contributors: M.J. Wozny; H. Suzuki, F. Kimura).Computer Aided Process Planning in CIM Environment: Organized by D. Kochan. (Contributors: R. Kyttner, J. Riives, O. Eljas; D. Kochan, A. Nestler, C. Schöne; W. Budde, K. Imbusch). Sensor-Based Intelligent Manufacturing: Organized by Y. Hatamura. (Contributors: Y. Hatamura et al.; G. Chryssolouris, M. Domroese, N. Nassuphis; M. Inagi et al.; K. Kashiwagi et al.). Scheduling in CIM Systems: Organized by A. Rolstadas. (Contributors: A. Rolstadas; K. Mertins, R. Albrecht, V. Steinberger). Design Theory and Methodology. Contributors: H. Schmekel; S. Imamura; T. Tomiyama et al.; H. Chaouch et al.). Product and Process Modelling. (Contributors: E. Arai, K. Okada, K. Iwata; K. Mihara, A. Hirose, Y. Harada; E. Biennier, J. Favrel; A. Ciancimino, I. Lari, C. Valant). Feature Modelling. (Contributors: L. Wingârd; U. Cugini, F. Mandorli, I. Vicini; T. Laakko, M. Mäntylä; F. Tanaka, T. Kishinami). Geometric Modelling. (Contributors: V. Vasiljev, O. Semenkov; N. Matsuki; I. Harashima et al.; K. Shimada, D.C. Gossard). Engineering Simulation and Planning. (Contributors: G. Jacucci, M. Marchese, I.St. Doltsinis; W.S. Yoo, B.K. Choi). Rapid Prototyping. (Contributors: A. Dolenc, I. Mäkelä, R. Hovtun; M. Feygin, B. Hsieh, M.A. Melkanoff). Human Role in CIM Systems. (Contributors: R.E. Winter; C. Tahon, R. Soenen; H.E. Andersin; T. Murayama, F. Oba). CIM System Development Support. (Contributors: D. Ferretti, F. Folini, G. Truffelli; B.T. David, K. Cheballah; J.-L. Allombert, G.A. Mauri; J. Nikkola). Manufacturing Automation. (Contributors: T. Parayre, Y. Sallez, R. Soenen; Y.-H. Lee, K. Iwata, Y. Fukuda; J.J. Mills et al.; H. Grabowski et al.). Operation Planning for Machining. (Contributors: A. Storr, W. Kempf; Y. Kawashima, K. Itoh, E. Ejiri; M. Higashi et al.; D. Kochan, D. Fichtner). Machining Systems. (Contributors: K. Mori, H. Inoue, N. Kasashima; T. Yoneda, M. Minagawa, Y. Kakazu; T. Moriwaki, N. Sugimura, Y. Miao; T. Moriwaki, C. Zhao). Scheduling in FMS. (Contributors: B.C. Schmidt, J. Kreutzfeldt; W.-Y. Yang, Q.-D. Wu, T.-J. Li; H. Shi, J. Xue; X.B. Wu, V.A. Armentano). FMS Design and Operation (1) (Contributors: M. Minagawa, Y. Kakazu; J. Yang, F. Zhang, C. Cai; S.H. Kang, S.-Uk. Hahn; S. Hashiba, T.C. Chang). FMS Design and Operation (2) (Contributors: A. Molina, I. Mezgár, G. Kovács; T. Hamann et al.; R.C. Michelini et al; S. Morito et al.) Advanced Manufacturing Systems (1) (Contributors: V. Chiesa, F. Jovane; H.N. Choon; M. Mitsuishi et al., K. Ueda). Advanced Manufacturing Systems (2). (Contributors: S. Ouchi, S. Fujita, H. Kubo; I. Fukuda; Y. Inaba; G.J. Olling; J. Browne, G. Doumeingts, C. Berard).