How to Cheat at Administering Office Communications Server 2007 book cover

How to Cheat at Administering Office Communications Server 2007

Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) 2007 is Microsoft’s latest version of Live Communications Server 2005. The product provides management for all synchronous communications that takes place in real time. This includes instant messaging (IM), Voice over IP (VoIP), and audio conferencing and videoconferencing. It will work with your company’s existing telecommunications systems without major hardware upgrades. This means your business can deploy advanced VoIP and conferencing without tearing out its preexisting legacy telephone network.How to Cheat at Administering Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 provides the busy system administrator with any easy-to-access reference that provides step-by-step instructions on how to install, configure, manage and troubleshoot Communicator across the network. It is the perfect tool for those who simply need to complete a task without reading through lots of theory and principles.

Windows Server system administrators responsible for the management of Office Communicator.

Paperback, 512 Pages

Published: January 2008

Imprint: Syngress

ISBN: 978-1-59749-212-6


  • Planning for Office Commmunicator 2007Installation and ConfigurationIntegration with Existing DirectoriesIntegration with Outlook and Exchange ServerWeb ConferencingTelephone IntegrationWorking with Microsoft OfficeInstant MessagingWorking with non-Windows clients


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