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Hospital and Healthcare Security

Concerns about healthcare security have proliferated in recent years. From privacy concerns to the mandates of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to the rapid growth in the number of aging and ailing baby boomers, healthcare has undergone dramatic change, and security in hospitals and other settings must keep pace.  Hospital and Healthcare Security, 5th Edition, builds on the solid foundation laid down by Russell Colling in the first four editions, covering the shifts that have occurred in healthcare security since the last edition appeared in 2001. The new co-author, Tony York, is a well-regarded security professional and a past president of the International Association for Hospital Security and Safety (IAHSS). This new edition has been reorganized and rewritten to cover new healthcare security topics and issues, particularly in licensing, regulatory requirements, litigation, and accreditation standards in the US. The authors have added a full range of corresponding examples, not only from the privately funded US system but also from national healthcare systems in UK and Canada. This new edition expands the scope of Colling's foundational work and focuses its coverage of legal and operational issues to bring this vital information to a new and broader audience.

Hardbound, 720 Pages

Published: October 2009

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-1-85617-613-2


  • "No other healthcare professionals have created a complete text on healthcare security; it stands alone."-Dan Krefting, Corporate Manager, Security & Protection Services, Provincial Health Services Authority, Vancouver, BC, Canada

    "This book gives a great overview of the issues inherent to healthcare and hospital security, and shows what makes it unique. It offers readers an understanding of how to create a great security operation or department."-Bonnie Michelman, Director of Police, Security, and Outside Services, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA

    "Hospital and Healthcare Security has served as an industry resources since its first publication several decades ago. In the fifth edition, coauthors Russell Colling and Tony York carry on that tradition…. This newest edition is the best single resource for the healthcare security practitioner."--Security Management magazine


  • Chapter 1: The Healthcare Environment
    Chapter 2: Protecting a Healing Environment
    Chapter 3: Security Risks and Vulnerabilities
    Chapter 4: Security Management Planning
    Chapter 5: Managing the Basic Elements of Healthcare Security
    Chapter 6: Security Department Organization and Staffing
    Chapter 7: Security Force Administration
    Chapter 8: Security Attire and Equipment
    Chapter 9: Training and Development
    Chapter 10: Deployment and Patrol Activities
    Chapter 11: Program Documentation
    Chapter 12: Patient Care Involvement
    Chapter 13: Public Safety Liaison
    Chapter 14: Human Resources and Staff Responsibilities
    Chapter 15: Employee Involvement and Security Awareness
    Chapter 16: Investigative Activity
    Chapter 17: Physical Security Safeguards
    Chapter 18: Electronic Security System Integration
    Chapter 19: Preventing and Managing Healthcare Conflict & Violence
    Chapter 20: Security Sensitive Areas
    Chapter 21: Areas of Special Concern
    Chapter 22: Off-Campus Considerations
    Chapter 23: Parking Control and Security
    Chapter 24: Emergency Preparedness - Planning and Management
    Chapter 25: A Primer for Healthcare Administrators


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