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Hormones of the Limbic System

First published in 1943, Vitamins and Hormones is the longest-running serial published by Academic Press. The Editorial Board now reflects expertise in the field of hormone action, vitamin action, X-ray crystal structure, physiology, and enzyme mechanisms.

Under the capable and qualified editorial leadership of Dr. Gerald Litwack, Vitamins and Hormones continues to publish cutting-edge reviews of interest to endocrinologists, biochemists, nutritionists, pharmacologists, cell biologists, and molecular biologists. Others interested in the structure and function of biologically active molecules like hormones and vitamins will, as always, turn to this series for comprehensive reviews by leading contributors to this and related disciplines.

This volume focuses on hormones of the limbic system.

Researchers, faculty, and graduate students interested in cutting-edge review concerning the molecular and cellular biology of vitamins, hormones, and related factors and co-factors. Libraries and laboratories at institutes with strong programs in cell biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, gene regulation, hormone control, and signal transduction are likely to be interested.

Included in series
Vitamins and Hormones

Hardbound, 464 Pages

Published: June 2010

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-381515-6


    1. Postnatal Ontogeny Of The Glucocorticoid Receptor In The Hippocampus
    2. Anastasia Galeeva, Markku Pelto-Huikko, Svetlana Pivina, and Natalia Ordyan

    3. Corticotrophin - releasing hormone and arginine vasopressin in depression: focus on the human postmortem hypothalamus
    4. Ai-Min Bao, Dick F. Swaab

    5. Models of Depression
    6. Catharine H. Duman

    7. Postnatal development of hypothalamic leptin receptors
    8. Elizabeth C. Cottrell, Julian G. Mercer, Susan E. Ozanne

    9. Sex Steroids and Acetylcholine Release in the Hippocampus
    10. Dai Mitsushima

    11. Hypothalamic inflammation and obesity
    12. Eliana P. Araújo, Márcio A. Torsoni, Lício A. Velloso

    13. Hippocampal Kainate Receptors
    14. Erik B. Bloss and Richard G. Hunter

    15. Mineralocorticoid and glucocorticoid receptors in hippocampus: their impact on neurons survival and behavioral impairment after neonatal brain injury
    16. Justyna Rogalska

    17. Transcriptional regulation of hypothalamic corticotropin-releasing factor gene
    18. Kazunori Kageyama and Toshihiro Suda

    19. Hippocampal mossy fiber synaptic transmission and its modulation
    20. Katsunori Kobayashi

    21. Role of neurotrophic factors in behavioral processes: implications for the treatment of psychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders.
    22. Marie-Christine Pardon.

    23. Regulation of Hippocampal Synaptic Plasticity by Estrogen and Progesterone
    24. Michael R. Foy, Michel Baudry, Garnik Akopian & Richard F. Thompson

    25. The role of functional postsynaptic NMDA receptors in the central nucleus of the amygdala in opioid dependence
    26. Michael J. Glass

    27. Xenobiotics in the limbic system - Affecting brain’s network function
    28. Ralf P. Meyer, Georgios Pantazis, Nina Killer, Carolin Bürck, Ricarda Schwab, Monika Brandt, Rolf Knoth, and Marcel Gehlhaus

    29. Hormones And Sexual Reward
    30. Raúl G. Paredes

    31. Astrocytes in the Amygdala
    32. Ryan T. Johnson, S. Marc Breedlove, and Cynthia L. Jordan

    33. Brain Plasticity After Ischemic Episode
    34. Galyna G.Skibo, Alexander G.Nikonenko

    35. Estradiol and gabaergic transmission In the hippocampus

    Tomasz Wójtowicz and Jerzy W. Mozrzymas


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