Hormones and the Fetus book cover

Hormones and the Fetus

Volume One of Hormones and the Fetus contained a generalization of the role of hormones during fetal life. In this second volume, the main topics focus on hormonal binding to fetal and maternal plasma proteins, amniotic fluid and placenta; the presence of hormone receptors in the fetal compartment; and the mechanism of action of various hormones in different target tissues of the fetus and placenta. This up-to-date information is of major importance in the study of hormonal activity in fetal life, and the biological effect of hormones through the receptor. The mechanism of fetal sexual differentiation, in which hormones play an important role, is extensively covered.

For endocrinologists, gynaecologists, embryologists, molecular biologists, general clinicians, biochemists, biologists and pharmaceutical firms working in the preparation of synthetic hormones and drugs.


Published: March 1991

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-035720-1


  • Preface. The binding of hormones in maternal and fetal biological fluids. Receptors, mechanism of action and biological responses of hormones in the fetal, placental and maternal compartments. Sex differentiation and fetal endocrinology. Index.


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