High-Performance Organic Coatings

Edited by

  • A S Khanna, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India

Paint coatings remain the most widely used way of protecting steel structures from corrosion. This important book reviews the range of organic paint coatings and how their performance can be enhanced to provide effective and lasting protection.

The book begins by reviewing key factors affecting the success of a coating, including surface preparation, methods of application, selecting an appropriate paint and testing its effectiveness. It also discusses why coatings fail, including how they degrade, and what can be done to prevent these problems. Part two describes the main types of coating and how their performance can be enhanced, including epoxies, polyester, glass flake, fluoropolymer, polysiloxane and waterborne coatings. The final part of the book looks at applications of high-performance organic coatings in such areas as reinforced concrete, pipelines, marine and automotive engineering.

With its distinguished editor and international team of contributors, High-performance organic coatings is a valuable reference for all those concerned with preventing corrosion in steel and other metal structures.
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All those concerned with preventing corrosion in steel and other metal structures


Book information

  • Published: July 2008
  • Imprint: Woodhead Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-1-84569-265-0

Table of Contents

Part 1 General issues: Key issues in applying organic paint coatings; Surface preparation for organic paint coatings; Techniques for applying organic paint coatings; Characterisation, evaluation and testing of organic paint coatings; Selecting an appropriate organic paint coating; Causes and assessment of failures in organic paint coatings; Mechanical degradation of organic paint coatings. Part 2 Types of organic coating: High performance epoxies and solvent-less epoxies for corrosion protection; Polyester coatings for corrosion protection; Glassflake coatings for corrosion protection; Fluoropolymer coatings for corrosion protection in highly aggressive environments; Polysiloxane coatings for corrosion protection; Waterborne coatings for corrosion protection. Part 3 Applications of high performance organic coatings: Organic coatings for concrete and rebars in reinforced concrete structures; Organic coatings for underground pipelines; Organic coatings for marine and shipping applications; Organic coil coating of metal; High performance organic coatings for wastewater treatment plants; Anticorrosion organic coatings for the automotive industry; Using organic coatings for repainting and maintenance of steel components and structures.