Heat Pumps

Solving Energy and Environmental Challenges

Edited By

  • T. Saito, University of Tokyo, Japan
  • Y. Igarashi, Heat Pump Technology Center of Japan, Tokyo, Japan

It has long been recognized that realizing the potential for energy conservation and diversification by using heat pumps offers considerable benefits to the environment. Important work on more efficient and ozone-friendly working fluids will further enhance the case for greater support of heat pump research. This book contains the Proceedings of the Third International Energy Agency Conference held in Tokyo in March 1990. The main theme of the Conference, 'Heat Pumps - Solving Energy and Environmental Challenges', is explained in great depth, covering not only technical characteristics but economic factors and the role of government and other bodies in promoting research, and the uses of all types of heat pumps are also fully considered. As well as publishing the papers presented at the meeting, the book also contains the extensive complementary poster sessions from the Conference.
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For all in industry and academia who are interested in the science and applications of heat pump technology.


Book information

  • Published: August 1990
  • Imprint: PERGAMON
  • ISBN: 978-0-08-040193-5

Table of Contents

Section headings and selected papers: Advances in Electric Heat Pumps. Heat pump operated with refrigerants of non-azeotropic mixture, T Saito & E Hihara. Advances in Thermally Activated Heat Pumps. Present conditions and future perspective of gas engine heat pumps in Japan, T Fukuda. Industrial and District Heating Applications. Large scale heat pump for industrial application, R Tamura. Environmental Aspects. Energy technology R & D and the greenhouse effect, P D Fairchild & W Fulkerson. New refrigerants - research into their thermodynamic property data, H D Baehr. Environmental benefits of heat pumps, T Svensson. Operating Experience, Economics and Marketing. Market niches in Europe, H Halozan. National R & D Programs and the Roles of Government and Utilities in Advanced Heat Pumps and Protection of Environment. Present status of heat pump technology and R & D plan in Korea, M J Cho et al. Selected Posters. Ground source heat pump developments, E G Granryd. Adsorption heat pump, F Meunier & T Zanife. High temperature household heat pump water heater, S Imabayashi. Alternatives to CFC refrigerants, D Naito. Road heating by subway waste heat recovery heat pump, S Kojima. SHP pilot system, T Mori.