Handbook of Statistics 20: Advances in Reliability

Edited by

  • N. Balakrishnan, McMaster University, c/o Department of Mathematics and Statistics, 1280 Main Street West, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. L8S 4K1
  • C.R. Rao, The Pennsylvania State University, Department of Statistics, 326 Classroom Building, University Park, PA 16802-2111, USA

The area of Reliability has become a very important and active area of research. This is clearly evident from the large body of literature that has been developed in the form of books, volumes and research papers since 1988 when the previous Handbook of Statistics on this area was prepared by P.R. Krishnaiah and C.R. Rao. This is the reason we felt that this is indeed the right time to dedicate another volume in the Handbook of Statistics series to highlight some recent advances in the area of Reliability.
With this purpose in mind, we solicited articles from leading experts working in the area of Reliability from both academia and industry. This, in our opinion, has resulted in a volume with a nice blend of articles (33 in total) dealing with theoretical, methodological and applied issues in Reliability.
For the convenience of readers, we have divided this volume into 13 parts as follows:

Reliability Models
Life Distributions
Reliability Properties
Reliability Systems
Progressive Censoring
Analysis for Repairable Systems
Analysis for Masked Data
Analysis for Warranty Data
Accelerated Testing
Destructive Testing
Test Plans
Software Reliability
Inferential Methods

We hope that this broad coverage of the area of Reliability will not only provide the readers with a general overview of the area, but also explain to them what the current state is in each of the topics listed above.

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University libraries. Organisations, industries. Individual researchers involved in Reliability.


Book information

  • Published: August 2001
  • Imprint: NORTH-HOLLAND
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-50078-6


These handbooks are certainly books that persons doing similar methodology research would want to ave accessible.
Technometrics, 2003

Table of Contents

Part I - Reliability Models. Basic probability models in reliability - A review (N. Balakrishnan, N. Limnios, C. Papadopoulos). The Weibull nonhomogeneous Poisson process (A.P. Basu, S.E. Rigdon). Part II - Life Distribution. Bathtub shaped failure rate life distributions (C.D. Lai, M. Xie, D.N.P. Murthy). Equilibrium distribution - Its role in reliability theory (A. Chatterjee, S.P. Mukherjee). Part III - Reliability Properties. Reliability and hazard based on finite mixture models (E.K. Al-Hussaini, K.S. Sultan). Mixtures and monotonicity of failure rate functions (M. Shaked, F. Spizzichino). Hazard measure and mean residual life orderings: A unified approach (M. Asadi, D.N. Shanbhag). Some comparison results of the reliability functions of some coherent systems (J. Mi). On the reliability of hierarchical structures (L.B. Klebanov, G.J. Szekely). Part IV - Reliability Systems. Consecutive k-out-of-n systems (N.A. Mokhlis). Exact reliability and lifetime of consecutive systems (S. Aki). Sequential k-out-of-n systems (E. Cramer, U. Kamps). Part V - Progressive Censoring. Progressive censoring: A review (R. Aggarwala). Point and interval estimation for the parameters of the logistic distribution based on progressively censored samples (N. Balakrishnan, N. Kannan). Progressively censored variables-sampling plans (U. Balasooriya). Part VI - Analysis for Repairable Systems. Graphical techniques for analysis of data from repairable systems (P.A. Akersten, B. Klefsjö, B. Bergman). A Bayes approach to the problem of making repairs (G.C. McDonald). Part VII - Analysis for Masked Data. Statistical analysis for masked data (B.J. Flehinger†, B. Reiser, E. Yashchin). Statistical analysis of life-data with masked cause-of-failure (A. Sen, A. Basu, M. Banerjee). Part VIII - Analysis for Warranty Data. Warranty and reliability (D.N.P. Murthy, W.R. Blischke). Statistical analysis of reliability warranty data (K. Suzuki, Md. R. Karim, L. Wang). Part IX - Accelerated Testing Prediction of field reliability of units, each under differing dynamic stresses, from accelerated test data (W. Nelson). Step-stress accelerated life test (E. Gouno, N. Balakrishnan). Part X - Destructive Testing. Estimation of correlation under destructive testing (R. Johnson, W. Lu). Part XI - Test Plans. System-based component test plans for reliability demonstration: A review and survey of the state-of-the-art (J. Rajgopal, M. Mazumdar). Life-test planning for preliminary screening of materials: A case study (J. Stein, N. Doganaksoy). Analysis of reliability data from in-house audit laboratory testing (R. Agrawal, N. Doganaksoy). Part XII - Software Reliability. Software reliability modeling, estimation and analysis (M. Xie, G.Y. Hong). Bayesian analysis for software reliability data (J.A. Achcar). Part XIII - Inferential Methods. Direct graphical estimation for the parameters in a three-parameter Weibull distribution (P.R. Nelson, K.B. Kulasekera). Bayesian and frequestist methods in change point problems (N. Ebrahimi, S.K. Ghosh). The operating characteristics of sequential procedures in reliability (S. Zacks). Simultaneous selection of extreme populations from a set of two-parameter exponential populations (K. Hussein, S. Panchapakesan)