Handbook of Natural Resource and Energy

  • A.V. Kneese
    • J. Sweeney

    The Handbook of Natural Resource and Energy Economics examines the current theory, and samples current application methods for natural resource and energy economics. This third volume of the Handbook deals primarily with non-renewable resources. It analyzes the economics of energy and minerals, and includes chapters on the economics of environmental policy. The Handbook provides a definitive source, reference, and teaching supplement for use by professional researchers and advanced graduate students. The surveys summarize not only received results but also newer developments from recent journal articles and discussion papers.
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Book information

  • Published: April 1993
  • Imprint: NORTH-HOLLAND
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-87800-7


This volume of the Handbook of Natural Resource and Energy Economics in the prestigious North-Holland series of Handbooks in Economics ... is definitely fully up to the high standards set by other volumes.
The Nordic Journal of Environmental Economics

... presents an excellent overview of the current state of depletable resource economics.
European Review of Agricultural Economics
The book will be an essential work of reference for some time to come.
The Journal of Energy and Development

Table of Contents

Some Basic Concepts. Economic theory of depletable resources: An introduction (J.L. Sweeney). The optimal use of exhaustible resources (G.M. Heal). Intertemporal consistency issues in depletable resources (L. Karp, D.M. Newbery). Analytical Tools. Buying energy and nonfuel-minerals: Final, derived, and speculative demand (M.E. Slade, C.D. Kolstadt and R.J. Weiner). Mineral resource stocks and information (D.P. Harris). Strategies for modeling exhaustible resource supply (D. Epple, J. Londregan). Applications to Policy and Forecasting Issues. Natural resources in an age of substitutability (P. Dasgupta). Natural resource cartels (D.J. Teece, D. Sunding and E. Mosakowski). The economics of energy security: Theory, evidence, and policy (M.A. Toman). Natural resource use and the environment (C.D. Kolstad, J.A. Krautkraemer). Energy, the environment, and economic growth (D.W. Jorgenson, P.J. Wilcoxen).