Handbook of Health Economics book cover

Handbook of Health Economics

What new theories, evidence, and policies have shaped health economics in the 21st century?

Editors Mark Pauly, Thomas McGuire, and Pedro Pita Barros assemble the expertise of leading authorities in this survey of substantive issues.  In 16 chapters they cover recent developments in health economics, from medical spending growth to the demand for health care, the markets for pharmaceutical products, the medical workforce, and equity in health and health care. Its global perspective, including an emphasis on low and middle-income countries, will result in the same high citations that made Volume 1 (2000) a foundational text.


Graduate students and professors worldwide working in all subdisciplines of economics and finance.

Included in series
Handbooks in Economics

Hardbound, 1152 Pages

Published: December 2011

Imprint: North-holland

ISBN: 978-0-444-53592-4


  • "The Handbook of Health Economics has been at the core of the reading list for our graduate programme since its original publication. This new volume will enhance its position as a comprehensive and authoritative guide to the literature and broadens the scope of the original Handbook."

    --Andrew M. Jones, University of York


     "This wholly-new Handbook is wonderfully up-to-date, comprehensive, accessible, and destined to be widely read by researchers, students, and policymakers. Kudos for having commissioned such outstanding authors and chosen these topics for coverage."

    --Randall P. Ellis, Boston University, and President, American Society of Health Economists (ASHEcon)


    "An absolutely vital must-have reference volume.  The sixteen chapters provide detailed, thorough and readable surveys of current conceptual and empirical issues, each written by distinguished active researchers."

    --Ernst R. Berndt, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology


    "Volume 1 of the Handbook rapidly gained a place amongst the most used - and borrowed - books on the shelf. Now Volume 2 looks certain to match that success, comprehensively covering more recent developments and the burgeoning international health economics literature with authority, concision and verve. Essential."

    --Alastair Gray, University of Oxford


  • 1. Medical Spending Growth

    2. Geographic Variation in Spending and Outcomes

    3. Health Behaviors and Prevention

    4. Health Economics of Economic Development

    5. Demand for Health Insurance and Health Care

    6. Demand for Health Care

    7. Issues in Cost Effectiveness Cost Benefit and Cost Utility Analysis

    8. Cost Effectiveness and Payment Policy

    9. Competition in Health Care Supply

    10. Reporting on and Paying Health Care Providers

    11. Health Insurance, Health Plans and Risk Variation

    12. Markets for Pharmaceutical Products

    13. Intellectual Property, Information Technology, Biomedical Research and Marketing of Patented Products

    14. Medical Workforce

    15. Public and Private Sector Interface

    16. Equity in Health and Health Care

    17. Health Care Disparities


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