Handbook of Chemical Processing Equipment


  • Nicholas P Cheremisinoff, Consulting Engineer, Ph.D. (Ch.E.). Consulting engineer

The Handbook of Chemical Process Equipment is a major reference on process equipment. It provides practical understanding and description of the working principles, intended applications, selection criteria and fundamental design principles for equipment used throughout the process and allied chemical industries.It is an important reference for engineers, and in particular chemical engineers who will use such a volume throughout their studies and careers. Each major unit operation and equipment associated with the operation is described in sufficient detail for the reader to obtain practical knowledge of the equipment's limitations and typical applications. The book contains sufficient working examples and references for the user to refer to more in-depth treatment of individual subject areas.
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Chemical engineers, mechanical engineers--student and professionalProcess and plant engineers and designersEnvironmental and design engineers specifying for industry


Book information

  • Published: June 2000
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-7126-2

Table of Contents

Heat Exchange Equipment; Evaporative Cooling Equipment; Evaporating and Drying Equipment; Distillation Equipment; Mass Separation Equipment; Mechanical Separation Equipment; Mixing Equipment; Calculations for Select Operations; Index