Handbook of Animal Science book cover

Handbook of Animal Science

This comprehensive handbook provides information on history, breeds and genetics, statistics, animal health, production, product utilization, and future projections.The focus is on large, domestic animals, but small animals are also covered. References are provided which will lead the reader to specialized subject areas. Each broad cross-section is written by respected authorities in the field.This is a handy and convenient animal reference source for teachers, graduate students, and researchers in the fields of animal science, agricultural science, and food science and technology.

Teachers, graduate students, industry and government researchers, and farmers throughout the world.

Hardbound, 401 Pages

Published: June 1991

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-568300-5


  • "There is little with which to compare this work... This will be a useful acquisition for specialized scientific working collections and reference departments in universities with schools of agriculture or veterinary medicine."

    "Presents a valuable compilation of information that is probably not to be found in any other single book, much less one that is written in such a concise manner. It is the type of book that one might subtitle, 'Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Animal Science but Were Unable to Find.'... I recommend that all professional animal scientists obtain it for their bookshelves and libraries because it is an important source of information."


  • History and Background:R.L. Willham, Our Livestock Heritage.J.K. Loosli, History of the Development of Animal Nutrition.T.H. Blosser, A Glossary of Terms Commonly Used in the Animal Industries.Breeds and Genetics:P.A. Putnam, Animal Breeds.R.H. Miller, A Compilation of Heritability Estimates for Farm Animals.L.V. Cundiff, K.E. Gregory, and R.M. Koch, Genetic Variation in Beef Cattle.Statistics:P.A. Putnam, Populations.M.J. Darre, S.A. Sulik, and D.M. Kinsman, Physiological Averages/Ranges.Health:H. Herlich and M.D. Ruff, Internal and External Parasites.O.H.V. Stalheim, Major Infectious Diseases.Production:H.W. Hawk, Reproduction.T.S. Rumsey, Growth Rates.A.C. Hammond, Protein Conversion Ratio.L.W. Smith, Production Systems.Product/Utilization:A.W. Kotula, By-Products.B.C. Breidenstein and J.C. Williams, Contribution of Red Meat to the U.S. Diet.P.A. Putnam, Demographics of Dairy Cows and Products.Future:L.W. Smith, Projections on Future Productive Efficiency.Index.


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