Hand Transplantation, An Issue of Hand Clinics book cover

Hand Transplantation, An Issue of Hand Clinics

The History and Evolution of Hand Transplantation, World Experience After More Than a Decade of Clinical Hand Transplantation, How to Establish a Hand Transplant Program, Recipient Selection - Who is the Right Candidate for Hand Transplantation? Donor-related Issues in Hand Transplantation, Surgical and Technical Aspects of Hand Transplantation - Is it Just Another Replant? Functional Outcome After Hand Transplantation - What can be Achieved? Strategies to Enhance Nerve Regeneration, Immunosuppressive Protocols and Immunological Challenges Related to Hand Transplantation, Acute and Chronic Rejection in Hand Transplantation - What have we Learned? Favoring the Risk Benefit Balance for Hand Transplantation - The Pittsburgh Approach Ethical, Financial and Policy Considerations of Hand Transplantation

Included in series
The Clinics: Orthopedics


Published: November 2011

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4557-7983-3


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